The problem of hair loss. Wig, system, semisystem, toppers - what to choose?

The problem of hair loss is now widespread. This often happens in women of different ages. Alopecia, hormonal disruptions, stress or chemotherapy – all this often causes hair loss. However, we have found a solution!


Natural hair systems look natural and beautiful. It can be worn every day, easy to wash, style. And on the website and in the Clip Hair store there is a large selection of shades.


There are several types of systems, each of which is used in different situations. How to choose a product that suits you? What should I pay special attention to? We'll figure it out now.



The semisystem – base consists of a mesh in the parietal zone and a tress on the occipital. It is possible to adjust the size. The products will last you a long time, because the hair on a dense mesh is held more securely. In addition, they are cheaper than analogues.
It is convenient to style, do hairstyles, wear for a long time. It is enough to wash it at least 1-2 times a month, with the help of special shampoos, as well as oils and balms for gentle care.


A semisystem with a silk insert - here, as in the previous version, a dense base. A special feature is the silk insert, which creates a realistic parting and imitation of the skin. It is comfortable to wear, additional fixation is not required, because the product fits snugly to the head.
However, it is not suitable for permanent wear – it can be hot in it.


The base system made of fine lace gives the head the opportunity to "breathe", which means you can wear it all day. It is often necessary to fix the edge line with special means – tape or glue, so that it is more tightly fixed on the skin. You can do any hairstyle (including high tails), sleep, wash, even swim in the water, as if with your hair.
And yet, do not forget about the careful care of the system. The thin base makes it the most fragile, and also reduces the period of use. Therefore, repairs or the work of a hairdresser may be required


Wig – usually the basis of the product are tresses, that is, ribbons on which the hair is fixed. This is not the best option for daily wear, because the construction is quite dense - it can be hot in it. If you plan to wear a wig on special occasions, then make a choice in his favor.
The size of the product is adjustable, it sits quite firmly, so additional fixation is not needed – only at your request. However, it will not be possible to change the parting or make high hairstyles here. But styling and straightening hair is very easy.


All the described types will suit you regardless of whether you have your own hair. Therefore, you can wear them if you want to give the image a twist, try a new style. And also disguise hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy or other health-related reasons.


Toppers are chosen by those who have their own hair and want to make it more voluminous, more magnificent. Or hide a small area of loss. The product is attached to the natural cover with clips or hairpins. It cannot be fixed to the scalp.
Suitable for daily wear. Easy to lay, straighten, wash. The most important thing is to choose the right topper that suits yours. Then topper will look natural.


You can view all types of Clip Hair products on our website in the store section. We try to update the models regularly so that every woman finds what suits her.


Our managers will help you understand the variety of shades and lengths in online or offline consultations. They will answer all questions, pick up the right system or pad, tell you about the care of products.