How to care for a wig?

Recently purchased a new product “Clip Hair”, but don't understand how to take care of it? Read about the subtleties in handling natural hair in this article.


Clip Hair systems are almost no different from natural hair on a person's head. The only feature is that they do not feed from the roots, so they keep a neat and clean appearance for several weeks, and also require more careful care.

The first thing that is important to pay attention to is the main mistakes, making which you shorten the life of the system:

— Comb your hair immediately after washing or do not hold the base
By doing this, you break the structure of the hair and injure them. There is a high probability of loss due to strong mechanical action.

— You wash the product incorrectly
On the Internet, you can see information that the wig is washed in a basin with water, left for a while, or rubbed at the base. But these are “harmful tips” – we do not recommend following them.

— Wear the system without taking it off
You can wear a wig every day, but you still need to rest from it. Try to take it off at night and while going to the shower. This will preserve the look of the hair and styling.

— Lighten or color
Tinting the product at home, of course, is not prohibited. However, for serious procedures it is better to contact specialists.
It's time to talk about how to do it right.

— Washing system
Due to the fact that the hair stays clean longer than the native ones, we recommend washing the wig as it gets dirty. No more than 1-2 times a month.
When choosing a shampoo, try to focus on the level of alkali in the composition. It is better to use a shampoo with a neutral pH – then the hair will not be confused when combing.

The water temperature should be cool – no more than 37 degrees.

The correct algorithm for washing the product: distribute shampoo over the entire length of the hair from top to bottom. Carefully and carefully.
Apply conditioner or mask and leave for 15-30 minutes. We recommend using the mask of the Concept brand “Bio-Keratin Lamination Gel" (Bioceratin gel).
At the end of the process, wrap the wig in a towel to absorb the remaining moisture. It is better to dry the product naturally, so leave it on the stand, or use a hair dryer – only in cold mode.

— Combing the system
When the wig is dry, you can comb it. To do this, use combs for hair extensions – without round balls at the end.
To facilitate combing, use sprays or oils – they act as an additional care.
Hold the strands at the base so as not to damage the hair by mechanical action.
To lay or straighten the product, take a curling iron or an iron. The main rule is to use thermal protection. Get a fixing varnish – for example, “Super Strong Hold Laque” or “Silhouette Invisible Hold” from Schwarzkopf, then the styling will last longer.

— Coloring the system
We recommend that you trust complex coloring to professionals.
However, if you want to do it yourself, use a dye with an oxide of no more than 3-6% or shade balms.

Care of the product is important so that it remains soft, obedient and well-groomed for a long time. Try to follow the recommendations in the memo that

received at the time of purchase. Save it and look in every time you have questions. And if you have any difficulties, please contact our managers.