How to distinguish natural hair from artificial?

Every year the popularity of products with imitation hair increases, therefore, the manufacturers' offers are constantly growing. How to choose the right system and not get confused between natural and artificial — read below.


The easiest way to check which hair is in front of you is to set it on fire. Not the whole product, but only 2-3 strands.


Natural hair during gorenje has a characteristic smell of singed wool, and the ash formed after, is easily rubbed between the fingers. Artificial strands will begin to smell like burnt plastic and melt.


Products require a different approach to styling and care for them. Therefore, before buying, it is better to make sure that this system is the one you would like to purchase. Of course, you should not set your hair on fire in the store — it's enough to talk to a consultant and ask him all the questions.


What to ask to determine the quality of the system:


1. Can I style my hair?


Natural hair is amenable to styling and keeps its shape for a long time. They can be straightened, styled, styled and secured with professional tools. After that, the product will look as if you have just left the beauty salon.


Artificial hair, on the contrary, is naughty and it is much harder to lay it.


2. How often should I wash my hair?


Wigs made of natural strands should be washed once a month, or as they become dirty. The main thing is not too often, because this hair does not feed from the roots and scalp.


3. How natural will the product look?


Often women acquire systems to mask the absence of hair, so naturalness is an important criterion when choosing.


When buying natural wigs, be sure that others will not find any differences. Especially if you plan to take care of the strands and mask the mesh of the product on the forehead.


It is not necessary to give preference in favor of artificial hair — it is easy to distinguish them from real hair. There is a chance to stumble upon a product that will not keep its shape and will lose its appearance after several socks in bad weather.


On our website you can get acquainted with the products of the new collection and choose the right one for yourself. Each model is made of natural hair. Consult with our manager before purchasing.

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